Continuous promotion of events is an invariable part of the daily duties of any successful organizer. As trite as it may sound, discounts are something that drives global trade and people are much more likely to shop during sale periods.

The month of February is internationally recognized as the month of love because of the feast of St. Valentine's Day and that makes it a very opportune period to boost sales through love-themed discounts.

Another factor that makes this month an important time for your first campaign of the new year is the silence that occurs after the bombings and hysteria around the Christmas and New Year holidays. This is the first moment when consumers are ready to spoil themselves by spending again. 

One of the most common love campaigns for events in February is the so-called "One ticket for two". This campaign is most commonly found in theater and opera productions, but works equally well for any type of entertainment events. With its unique interface and flexibility, the Entase system allows the easy configuration of a similar type of advertising campaign. This can happen in two ways. 


The "Love" coupon

You can create a voucher with the code "love" (or something similar) to promote through your advertising channels. With a few simple steps, the configuration of this voucher is easy: 

  1. Login into the system 
  2. From the main menu choose Couponsand click on the button . 
  3. In the field„Unique Code“ enter „love“.  
  4. In the field „Description“ enter„This coupon is valid when booking an even number of seats up to 10.The completed form should look something like this:
  5. When you are done click „Save“.
  6. After save the system is taking you back to coupons page. FInd the one you just created „love“ and click on the button on the right-side button called „Rules“. 
  7. Currently you should not have any rules crated for this coupon. Click on the button . 
  8. When creating new rule fill out the following.
    Title: "One ticket for two"
    Discount: „50%“ 
  9. After that add 5 conditions by pressing the button – 5 times. For each condition choose „Seats in order =“ and after that fill out the numbers 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 in each row. 
  10. From the first dropdown menu inside „Conditions“ section choose the option „When ONE is true“. 



At the end, the completed form should look like this:


After finishing click on the „Save“ button. Now you can start your campaign. Every customer who buys an even number of tickets (up to 10) will receive 50% discount. 



When the sale campaign is finished, you can deactivate the coupon again from „Coupons„ page. In addition you can setup expiration date.   For more info, please read – Creating coupons.


Price policies 

Likewise, we can create a price policy with the same terms that provides discounts if the number of seats purchased is even. The main difference between coupons and price policies is that while a coupon has to be entered by the user, a price policy does the discounts automatically. Another important difference is that the price policy must be selected at the time of event creation, while the coupon can be created and used at a later stage. 

To create a new price policy click on the main menu button „Price policies“. Then click the button . Enter the name of the new policy, for example „Love“ and save. After that follow the same steps as for the coupons for setting up the discount conditions. 

For more info, please read - Create price policy.

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