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Segments are a tool that groups sales by their source of realization. They can be extremely useful for both online sales and point-of-sale transactions

Learn more about how to create and edit Segments.


How to use segments in online sales?

In online sales, segmentation serves as a powerful tool to support digital marketing efforts. Through segmentation, we can effectively measure the success of specific advertising campaigns and social media posts, identifying not only the source that led to conversion but also specific internal sections of that source.

For example, if we want to advertise a particular event on Facebook through all possible means - organically and sponsored, we can create separate segments for each section.

  • Facebook groups with code fbgroups
  • Facebook page with code fbpage
  • Facebook ads with code fbads

When generating short links for sharing, we can also choose a specific segment to be added within the link itself. This makes each short link with a selected segment unique. Accordingly, when sharing on Facebook, we select the specific link that identifies our post. In other words, we place one link for all our posts in popular groups, another link for posts through our official page, and a third when creating sponsored content.

This way, we can track the performance of each of the posts through the Statistics page, Segments section.


How to use segments for office desks sales?

Segmentation in point-of-sale sales can be used for various reasons that necessitate grouping sales. The most common reason is individualizing sales related to club cards or printing tickets for resale from other organizers.

Selecting a segment for point-of-sale sales is done at the final step of the transaction, by choosing the specific segment from the dropdown menu.


If you haven't created segments beforehand, the option in the sales window will be hidden.