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Ticket template

Tickets are templates that you select when creating an upcoming event. When selling at a cash-desk or selling online, the template is printed or emailed to the customer.

Various cash-desk and online sale templates

When creating an event, you can choose a different cash-desk template and online template. You can make two templates of different design and size. The ones you print at a cash-desk may be custom sized, printed on pre-sized paper. Tickets for online sales are sent to the user by email after an online purchase. You can organize them in a different way and in a different format than that of a cash-desk, for example A4.

Create a Ticket Template

  1. Make sure you are logged into your Entase account
  2. Go to the Tickets page in the office panel
  3. Click the icon in the top right corner to create a new ticket template.
  4. A Designer ticket opens for you.


On the left is the toolbar and on the right are the ticket settings. Everything you do must be within the ticket boundaries (the white space in the middle). The ticket size can be changed via Sizes.

  1. Ticket creation tools.
  2. A ticket. Elements outside the white space in the middle will not be previewed after printing.
  3. Template name.
  4. Save changes button.
  5. Test print to review the result obtained.
  6. Undo actions – Back/Forward.
  7. Change ticket width and height. Dimensions are in millimeters. For standard A4 format, use dimensions 210mm by 297mm.
  8. Orientation when printing can be portrait/vertical or landscape/horizontal
  9. A margin is a distance you can embed on the inside of the ticket. From the top and from the left side.


To use any of the tools, you need to drag one from the toolbar to the ticket. Each added and selected desktop item has additional settings that are displayed on the left. 

You can use the mouse or keyboard arrows ↑←↓→ to precisely position the added tools.

Text settings

  • Text type: free text, system text, prefix, suffix.
  • Formatting: formatting includes text color, background, size and alignment.
  • View: text box size.
  • Direction: horizontal or vertical writing
  • Rotation: from 0 to 360 degrees.
  • Delete the tool from the ticket

Free text

Select free text from the drop-down menu. In the fields below, write the text you want to be visualized on the ticket. You can use the mouse or keyboard arrows ↑←↓→ to precisely position the text on the ticket.

System text

In addition to free text from the drop-down menu, you can also add system text (Customer name, Sector...). The text that will appear on the ticket is an example. It will be replaced automatically with information from the sale made.

You can add the following system texts:

  • Ticket number
  • Customer name
  • Sector
  • Reserved seats  
  • A row only
  • Seats only
  • Event title
  • Date
  • Hour
  • Ticket price

Barcode settings

Bar codes can be added to the tickets, in which the ticket number is recorded. They can be 1D or 2D (QR) type. The barcode model is selected depending on the reader model you have.

Barcode Settings:

  • Barcode pattern
  • Size
  • Rotation: from 0 to 360 degrees.
  • Delete the tool from the ticket

We recommend using a QR code. Reading this kind of codes becomes much faster compared to 1D codes.

With Entase, you can scan and validate tickets with your phone, so you won't need any special equipment.