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The Statistics page gives you an overview of the revenue stream and the different operators for the Cash-desk and Online channels. Learn more about the Buying Channels and Operators.


You can also get detailed information about the revenue stream for a selected event. Learn more about Statistics for a selected event.



  1. Make sure you are logged into your Entase account.
  2. Your public profile name is written in the upper left corner.
  3. Under it, in the Dashboard section, select Statistics.

You can get information for each buying channel and also for the operator, as well as summarized information for a specific time period or a specific date.


Channels and operators

The Channels and Operators section is another type of graphic indicator. You can hover over it and visually compare the differences in revenue received and sales made by operators.


Realized sales

The Realized Sales section is a heat map that visualizes the strongest sales days and hours.


Sales by operator

The Sales by Operator section offers valuable insights into how your partner sites are selling or how social networks and ad campaigns are working for you. Operator work load and total sales can be seen. You can download a CSV file for additional detailed information.



Differences in your earnings and statistics page data may be due to canceled sales that have not gone into Refunded status. Sales revenue with Refunded status is not reflected in the overall statistics and overall Balance.

Learn more about Refunding and Sale Status.