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Updating your public account details

You can enter or edit the following details, divided into 3 categories of settings:

  • Main
  • Online sales
  • Public profile
  1. Make sure you are logged into your Entase account.
  2. Your public profile name is written in the upper left corner.
  3. Under it, in the Administration section, select Settings.


in the Main tab you can change:

  • Profile name. Click Change. Enter the new name. Press Save.
  • Profile link. This is a system setting that cannot be edited.


Online sales

in the Online Sales tab you can change:

  • Customer feedback data - email, phone, website links, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Policies Internal regulations for admission to cultural events and others.
  • Billing data - name of organization, address, ID number, VAT number, recipient. Learn more about Billing settings
  • Withdraw methods – възможните начини за изтегляне на средствата, натрупани в платформата. Научи повече за Withdraw methods


Public profile

in the Public profile tab you can change:

  • Publish - Drag the slider button to change the public account status from published to hidden and vice versa.
  • Description – a brief description of the organizer.
  • Profile photo - logo or interior/exterior photo.
  • Profile Cover - Hall photo or other interior/exterior photo.
  • Social Media - lead photo from a performance or other interior/exterior photo.



in the integrations tab you can assign:

  • Tracking pixels – copy and paste your tracking pixels IDs from Meta and Google.
  • Checkout logo – logo to be shown on the checkout screen.

The checkout logo is displayed when you use own integration from your website/app or external reference to the checkout screen.


Press Change button. on the section you want to edit.

After entering/editing the information, press Save, Close or Add.