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  1. Make sure you are logged into your Entase account.
  2. Your public profile name is written in the upper left corner.
  3. Below that, in the Dashboard section, select Sales.
  4. Select the sale for which you are interested in detailed information. Press the button .


The Sales Information contains at a glance all the information and details related to it at the time of inspection. You will also find specific information about the selected seats in the hall and additional - discounts, vouchers, a note, as well as the collected contact information for the Customer.

In the Order category, a number with a unique identification code, the date of the order and its status are visible.

In the Event category, the specific date, start time, hall, duration, restrictions and status of the performance for the specific sale are visible.

In the Payment method category, the used payment system or card is visible. The category is only present when selling through the Online channel.

In the Channel category, the channel through which the specific sale was realized is visible - Online - by site name or Cash-desk - by operator name - depending on the organizer's settings.

Do not forget that the system can operate with an unlimited number of physical or virtual cash-desks, fully synchronized, administering each sale by sales channel - site name, cash-desk number, cash-desk operator. Learn more about Buying Channels.

In the Cash payments category, issued receipts are visible by date, number, operator, amount, payment, status of a specific sale or information that there are no receipts issued yet.

The category is only present if a fiscal printer is connected and when selling through the Cash-desk channel.




Depending on the status and purchase channel, you may see different options for each sale. Learn more about Buying Channel and Sales Status.

  • Transactions - tracking transactions by the unique identification code of the specific sale is possible only when selling through the Online channel.
  • Send ticket - in case there is an email provided for a customer, the option sends the ticket to their email.
  • Message – in case a customer has an email provided, the option allows you to send a personal message only to them.
  • Print ticket - print ticket/s for the specific sale.
  • Edit - you enter the sales mode at the checkout, where you can edit the places or other information about the sale. To complete the editing, you need to press the orange Sell button and complete the operation. A sale through the Online channel cannot be edited unless it is cancelled, and if a payment has been received, it is automatically restored after cancellation.
  • Status – change the status of the sale.