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  1. Make sure you are logged into your Entase account.
  2. Your public profile name is written in the upper left corner.
  3. Under it, in the Control Panel section, select Program.
  4. To create a new event, press the .


You can enter or edit the following details, divided into 3 categories of settings:

  • Main
  • Hall and prices
  • Tickets

You can set a date and time for the start of sales using the On sale option from the calendar button in the upper right corner. The Status system setting for each new event is Pending.

  • Productions - through the drop-down menu you can access events from the organizer's repertoire.
  • Calendar - select the dates of the event listed above in the Repertoire.
  • Event Dates – the dates selected from the Calendar are arranged here. You can edit the start time. You can delete a selected date and select another one
Hall and prices
  • Hall selection - allows to implement the event program from the previously created halls for the organizer - through the drop-down menu.
  • Create a new hall - with the button. Learn more about Creating a Hall.
  • You can edit a hall - using the  button and tool of the Hall Designer system.
  • Select Price policy - from the predefined ones for the organizer or use the system setting No price policy - via the drop-down menu. Learn more about Pricing Policies.
  • Determine ticket prices by price groups - enter a value according to the sectors and the capacity of the hall.
  • Box office ticket and Online ticket - choose from the pre-created templates for the organizer via the drop-down menu. The template selected by name is immediately visualized under the menu.
  • You can create a new template - using the button or edit an existing one using thebutton and the Ticket Designer system tool.

After adding/editing the information press Save.

Entase allows you to create multiple ticket templates with different designs and placement of elements. From the Tickets section when creating an event, you can select a box office template to be printed at the box office and an online ticket template that users will receive by email after online purchase.