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Vouchers pre-set promotional codes that we can use to make sales. You can have an unlimited number of vouchers to use in different situations.

Създаване на Ваучер

  1. Make sure you are logged into your Entase account
  2. Go to the Vouchers page in the office panel.
  3. Click the icon in the top right corner to create a new voucher.

On the next page, enter information about the voucher:

  1. Choose whether the voucher will make an additional discount on the reservation if there are already calculated discounts from the pricing policy. 
  2. Enter a unique code. You can generate a random one from the button on the right.

  3. Free text with a short description informing under which conditions the voucher is valid. In the event that a customer or cashier uses the code, but the reservation does not meet the conditions that have been set, then this text will be displayed as a message.

  4. How many times the discount code can be used. We enter 0 for an unlimited number of times

  5. Date from which the voucher will be valid
  6. Date until which the voucher will be valid
  7. Saving

Voucher Rules

The rules are conditions under which the voucher will make discounts. You can combine different conditions.

To add rules press the button on the right.


Since the voucher has just been created, it has no rules added. You can add a new rule from the button on the top right.

  1. Title of the rule. For example: Group discount, Buying channel, etc.
  2. Discount – as a percentage or as a fixed amount.
  3. Conditions to be fulfilled for the discount to apply. From the button we add a new condition.
  4. Save the changes.

Buying Channel

Let's say we want to give a 20% discount to everyone who bought a ticket online. Then we create a rule called "Purchasing Channel". From the button we add a new condition by selecting "Purchasing Channel" from the left drop-down list and "Online" from the right. In the Discount field, enter 20% and press the Save button.

After creating a new rule, we need to make sure that it is active by clicking the switch after the creation date. This way we can enable and disable different rules without having to delete them. If the check box lights up in green, then the rule is active.

When discounts overlap, they do not stack! In such cases, the greater is always calculated. The exception is vouchers that are configured to work together with pricing policies. Then the discount from the promo code is applied additionally.